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Phantom Purple and Blue Cubic Fluorite and Fish Scale Calcite Cluster on Matrix

$ 34.00
This gorgeous specimen has clusters of Cubic Fluorite with purple and gold in the center paired with two small fluorescent Fish Scale Calcite clusters, resting on top of a sparkly Quartz and Pyrite Matrix!

As the Cubic Fluorite formed, it color set with purple and blue just below the surface and encapsulated the pyrite, resulting in one of the rarest formations. 

Fluorite has the ability to absorb and neutralize any harmful or negative energy within a space. When placed in a room, its energy brings balance and re-stores order to the energies, people and crystals around it. It restores order to energetic chaos and disorganization, filling your space with harmony and peace. Think of the fluorite healing properties as an energetic vacuum cleaner, cleansing your mind, body, spirit and space of stress, negativity, anxiety and other negative energies. It is one of the most underrated, yet powerful, crystals for energy clearing. Fluorite promotes a steady flow of positive energy, turning any room into your ideal oasis.

A powerful healer and protector, a fluorite crystal raises your focus and concentration level to bring clarity. One of the most powerful fluorite healing properties is its ability to increase your level of focus. Helping to clear confusion and relieve stress, these healing crystals enhance your level of focus. This makes them ideal for your office space, study area or meditation spot. When you meditate with fluorite, it raises your energy level while increasing your concentration to deep your meditation. It helps you to experience inner peace and further your spiritual growth.

Size: 3" x 2.875" x 1.375"
Weight: .48 lbs / 270 grams

Cluster will be carefully packaged, ensuring a safe trip to its new home.

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